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Sheriff's Gate

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  2008.03.26  00.13
Game notes, 3/19/8: GIGS IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!

So... there won't be an epilogue just yet. We never did learn what happened to Tatl or Tyras.

Anyway, it's a new universe, a new adventure, and all-new characters.... in spaaaaaaace!

The cast, in no particular order, and without anything resembling their proper names (because we never got them down in the notes):

Captain Cheetara: A Pershala rogue, who's in charge of the vessel (of unknown name) after the last captain died in un-noted backstory. (She's a catgirl, but not the big-eyed anime type, the gruff flight-suit-wearing outer-spacy type. Also, unlike anime catgirls, it's imposssible to find an image of a Pershala online, so let's just go with this for now, only less blue and more clothed).
Kel'Thuzad: An Eleti warrior. The captain points, he shoots things. He also looks really scary. His background is a little vague... at least to me. Also amazingly impossible to find an image, so just picture this guy with futuristic battle armor and a laser gun. That's what I'm doing.
Grodd: He's a Space Gorilla, he smokes cigars, and his function on the ship seems to be annoying the captain. Really, what more do you need to know?
Dot Matrix: A soulmech, and, God help us, he's the Ship's Engineer. He likes pushing buttons. The wrong buttons.
The Drow... Ninja... yeah, I got nothin': I can't even come up with a "clever" name for her, sorry. (Her player is probably happy about this). Formerly with the Dragon Empire (and she still has the uniform to prove it), she's gone freelance. Since she's on the crew, this makes her both a ninja AND a pirate (with Kel as the Zombie and Dot as the Robot)
Templeton: This name is right, because I'm playing him! (Biased!) He's a doppel, but right now he looks remarkably like this, not like this, though normally he probably looks something like this. He thinks he's a ladies' man, but he's on the run from the Empire for a series of small petty crimes and cons. Or possibly for turning into a woman and pole-dancing without a license.
Kethendvorel, or El for short: She's a half-dragon looking for her draconic parent. Said parent is a Star Dragon, who lives in space and breathes blasts of radioactivity instead of fire. Also, her player takes the notes, so her name is right, too! The mystery is why she's hanging around with Templeton. (She looks mostly human, except for slitted eyes - hidden behind cool glasses - and scales in places that her clothes are currently covering. And if you think finding images of Eleti or Pershalas are hard, try "scaly woman slitted eyes" sometime - the first two image matches are John Edwards. Go figure. So let's go with this).

Despite the fact that there's a ninja, a catgirl, and a gambling guy (see below) in the group, none of them are played by the same players as the previous ninja, catgirl, or gambling guy. Just to keep that straight.

So this week, the notetaker and the notewriter joined the fun. The crew of the Swinetrek are on the small moon they use as a place to recoup their losses, lick their wounds, and decide what to do next (after a really exciting adventure a couple of weeks ago that... we were completely absent for, so I have no idea what happened).

A ship appears out of hyperspace, drops a lifepod off without ceremony, and vanishes again. Inside are Templeton and El. Seems that it was a missionary ship, and Templeton didn't *know* that she was the captain's daughter, you see....

Or so he says. He's smirking too much.

Anyway, while El berates him for getting them tossed off of the ship (and he just looks smug), the group (having no idea that anyone's on board) decide to salvage it for parts. They try to use their ship's airlock to dock with the lifepod, but Dot manages to push the wrong button and decompress the ship and get blown out into space. (Fortunately, he doesn't need to breathe).

Once they've gotten the ship re-aired, they manage to complete docking (with Dot tapping on the windshield going "er, hello?" the whole time), and introductions are made. (There's a whole lot of "MONKEY!" and "SKELETON WITH FLOATING HEAD!" to go around, of course).

The main bulk goes back to discussing plans for the future - and by "future", I mean "money". They discuss gunrunning, transporting persona non grata for frees, smuggling, more gunrunning...

Captain Cheetara decides to put it on the backburner, and head to a nearby port to refuel. Templeton and El come along, as passengers, where they intend to stay for a while (because, you know, if they don't, there's no game).

Cheetara has a few shady contacts at the bar, and quickly secures a job for the crew, shipping some possibly-illegal merch somewhere. Grodd manages to lose lots of money gambling when his player rolls a 1 on a d20 four times in a row (and the fifth roll wasn't too good, either).

El, having been forced to abstain for many many weeks on the missionary ship, manages to get very drunk very quickly. She takes a liking to a nearby Oruk, challenges him to few arm-wrestling matches, winning once (half-dragons are pretty strong, you know), then losing the rest. As a prize, he takes her to his room.

Get your minds out of the gutter! ... okay, actually, leave them there. That's exactly what happened. Shortly after she disappears upstairs, however, there's a radiation alert, and the bar is quickly evacuated. Kel and Dot head in (being undead and a machine, they're immune to the radiation's effects), and find the oruk (SHE BURNT OFF HALF HIS FACE!), and they drag El (who is currently star-clad, if you know what I mean) out via the fire escape.

Templeton enjoys the show, the lech.

Everyone heads back to the ship (El and Templeton still as passengers) as it's refueled.

And that's where things ended.

Hopefully we'll get everyone's names next time.

Edit from the distant future: There was never a next time. :(


  2008.01.09  17.15
Game Notes 12/19/2007: It's The Final Countdown

Well, the note-taker didn't actually take any notes, and left the notebook at the Table of Gaming, so this is entirely from memory, which means it's probably almost entirely wrong. I'll be lucky if I remember which character is which species.

Anyway, when we left off, the choice being discussed was between going up the big wide central ramp leading to Lucinda's vestibule in plain view of everyone, or sneaking up a smaller back stairs that led to Lucinda's outer chambers. (Nothing led to Lucinda's inner chambers). The main difficulty was that the centaurs couldn't really fit up the smaller back stairs, and the group was trying to decide whether or not to split their forces.

It was eventually decided to continue up the ramp, where, after climbing another floor, four lowly guards were heading their way! Geiko suggests just walking up to them and going "Keep on walking if you want to live", but everyone keeps forgetting just how gosh-darn powerful we all are by this point, so the party argues among itself whether they should attack them or try to sneak by them. The point is quickly rendered moot as the pair spots the party and attacks!

As predicted, the centaurs tear through three of the guards pretty quickly, knocking them off the central ramp RAILING KILL! The last one looks around, blinks, and begins to beat feet... right towards the last two remaining beholders. The party warily turns to take on this new threat, with the cenaturs nearly running into them while chasing the retreating guard. Meanwhile, from another doorway, another figure appeared - DarkArrow, all rested and healed from his previous near-death experience and ready to kick some ass.

Lucinda, much to everyone's surprise, turned out not to be any sort of magic-user at all, but a ninja / ghost-faced killer! (Not to be confused with Ghostface Killah). Using Gozar-like stealth, she ghostwalked behind Geiko and took him down in one hit. SHINING GOU SHOCK! Fortunately (thanks to a good Luck roll), he was just KO'd, not killed, turned into a vampire, and turned him against the party. She then continued her attack through the princess's bodyguards, taking down the knight and the mage in the same round (and effectively shutting down the golem, which now had nobody to command it).

... and it was still the first combat round. The first action of the first combat round. The group was already demoralized. DarkArrow summoning ghostly things and moving in to do some serious damage himself (hope you didn't need those levels, Leeroy) didn't help matters. Zellyri and Leeroy, separated from the main part of the gorup, manged to kill one of the beholders while the guard got away. Gozar... waited for an opening.

Brumby, magnificent Brumby (admittedly, I'm slightly biased), cast a point-blank range Sunburst spell that hurt quite a few members of the party... but totally destroyed DarkArrow in a single shot and severely injured Lucinda. The party's spirits brightened, and Gozar moved in behind Lucinda and rolled a lot of damage dice. Another one down.

The next turn, Brother MortalKombat healed Geiko back to consciousness. Geiko, still woozy, misfired a disintegrate spell at the remaining Beholder and instead zapped Brother Marakesh's unicorn. Oops. (That's gratitude for you). Anyway... er... uh... the other beholder died somehow, through use of applied centaurium (and I think the monk... did something... but I honestly don't remember), and the party breathed a sigh of relief.

That description was approximately 50% accurate, but you get the idea. (Corrections welcome. That's what the comments section is for. Anyway...)

Turns out they were actually worth fewer XP all together than Mordenkainer was worth by himself, but... I'm not complaining. Yay, VICTOLY!

Then Christmas and New Years and a month of non-gaming happened, so epilogue next time!

To be concluded...


  2007.12.12  19.02
Game Notes 12-5-07

The Note Takers missed a week due to terrible, terrible car problems.

Third watch comes up, and as the spellcasters try to wrap the entire cottage around their heads to prevent being woken up again, Gozar finds himself hiding from and eavesdropping upon... a party of adventurers? The odd trio seems to think that our party's cozy little cabin is somehow another of Lucinda's dirty tricks, and they decide to press onwards up the ramp to confront Lucinda. It seems that they're searching for the princess. Since they are actually making progress they seem to be better at this adventuring schtick than we are.

Finally, someone wakes up the Princess Monk and she uses her Monk Skillz to catch up to the other party. They turn out to be part of her retinue from her government-in-exile come to save their royalty. We find out that the princess may be mentally unfit to take the throne because she thinks MM is some kind of awesome. Poor addled girl. Her time with Morty seems to have warped her brain.

Right about then, Morty himself shows up! Him and a veritable choir of Bell Golems. There is much zaaping and gonging and Gozar makes Morty feel a special new kind of pain. He attacks Morty so fiercely that the darn wizard actually turned into a puff of green smoke!

Up in Lucinda's bower, Nicodemus gets firm with the situation. He rescues the stoned druid by way of a shrinking potion, enabling him to tuck her statued self into his pocket. When he gets back to the party, Brother Maynard is able to un-stone her. And now, united again, the group looks upward to the fight with Lucinda...


  2007.11.21  15.01
Game Notes of 11-14-07

The party goes to sleep after setting up the watch and a hut from the Bag of Many Camping Niceties. Monk gets the first watch, gets to see the World's Biggest Tesla Plasma Lamp come floating down one of the halls. It does a little aimless floaty-dance around the camp, and wanders back out again. That's not creepy at all...

Then a big huge ogre thing start sniffing around, and half the party gets woken up to deal with it. The magic users try their best to stay asleep. They get some nice stuff, though. High quality.

Second watch, Zell's on guard, banshee shows up to cast fear! Everyone gets rousted out of bed by the noise, and is promptly deafened. Economical! Fortunately, the team is still up to slaughtering it, but not before Tyrob loses three levels (D'oh!)

More nice items are found, but third watch hasn't even begun. It's a little difficult to sleep when you're in the bowls of a magical university doubling as the headquarters for all the most evil spellcasters on the planet and their personal armies. What a surprise!


  2007.11.14  00.28
Game Notes 10/24/7: Better late than never?

So the party moves five feet, kills a few more monsters, then all the players go home.

... what, not specific enough? Oh, fine.

So the party winds up in a room with five doors and a pit with a seal on it. The seal reads "Do not open to preserve the darkness." While the group puzzles over this statement, a large lion made of thorns and vines comes out of one of the doors. The party makes short work of it, before Geiko and Brumby's players even arrive.

After some consulting involving Mirrsea's Bardic Knowledge and Geiko's Knowledge (Arcana), they decide that the seal is keeping in something good, preventing it from destroying the darkness. Zell breaks the seal and a sphere that looks like a ball of lightning emerges. Windy says it's from the Elysium Fields. It spins on a whim, and it glides to the right when Leeroy tries to feel it like electric light.

Unable to communicate with it, they shrug and open the Door To Darkness. (The password is not "Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Alice, Aurora, Jasmine, and... Kairi") The Ball Lightning immediately zooms down the passageway, lighting the empty corridor with a beam of purple light, which is otherwise in complete darkness, even to those with darkvision. (Oho, magical darkness)

Zell follows it, and is immediately beset by... something. The Darkness bites her, or claws her, or does something involving small pointy stabby bits, her skin, and the word "ouch". She can't tell what it is until the Ball Lightning returns and attacks it, revealing it to be a boneclaw. Geiko Magic Missiles the undead thing, but as it tries to charge him, Zellyri gets an attack of opportunity, which, in turn, allows the Lightning Ball to FROM A TO ZAP it, leaving a pile of dust. (No searching it, then. That'll save some time)

It then zips down the corridor, and the party follows, quickly losing sight of it. They emerge in a large room with many doors and a spiral ramp leading down. Here there is a lot of fighting with many drow and drow commanders, none of which is actually in the notes. Use your imagination. (Imagine Geiko summoning a wyvern, because that's all I remember after three weeks)

The party discusses putting up a magic house and resting to recharge spells. In the middle of the Lucinda's own tower, when she knows they're there. This may not go well...

To be continued... I hope...


  2007.10.24  13.03
Game Notes 10/3/7 and 10/17/7: Two For One Dealio!

Game Notes 10/3/7: Mario equips Slow Go! 0 BP!

So the party is stumbling around the town, and they stumble across another beholder. (Their plan of avoiding the others really worked well, apparently). It tries to charm the party, which doesn't work. It does succeed in putting Zellyri to sleep, but Gozar KOs it in a single hit. Great fighting! You're an up-and-coming ninja!

After treasure is found in its gullet, they almost run into a big group of drow riding on big lizards. Fortunately, everyone's hide checks are good, so they don't have to fight them. Hi, I'm Expy the XP sprite! Nooooooo exp!

As the session ends (what, that's all that happened?), the party sees Mordy, a bunch of drow, and the Great Dragon from the portal.... and Orbis.

Oh dear.

To be cont.. oh, wait. One more set of notes. So we go right into:

Game Notes 10/17/7: One eye? One hit, one kill.

The party continues hiding, allowing Mordy and company to pass unhindered. (Or so I assume. The Notetakers were not there for this part). The party debates the best way to enter the tower, and decide on the trap door they used before (hopefully this time with 100% less time travel).

With a ridiculous spot check, Zell sees a beholder guarding the trap door. Geiko blasts it with a disintegrate spell (77 damage, bay-bee!), and Zell finishes it off with an arrow, all before it can do anything. .... despite the group's misgivings, they're apparently powerful enough that beholders are mere cannon fodder.

Down the tunnel the party goes, running into another Cadaver Collector. Geiko pours on the defensive spells as the bard sings. Everyone else attacks! The princess hits Zellyri! (oops) The Cadaver collector misses, but breathes out a gas that paralyzes Geiko, Gozar, and Mirrsea.

Fortunately, Leeroy and Zellyri manage to bring it to not-quite-dead status, and Wisteria Lodge deals the final blow.

Treasure is found, then the party starts looking for stairs.

This might not be so bad after all. Maybe. I hope?

To be continued...


  2007.10.02  23.05
Game Notes 9/26/7: Everybody must get stoned?

So DarkArrow turns into a bat and starts flying away, Brumby and Geiko give chase. That's approximately where we were at the end of the last notes, barring my fuzzy memory distorting the details. The rest of the party starts following after, on the ground. The monks run ahead and get to see the two beholders before anyone else, including the two fliers. The princess calls Mr. Monk "stupid" when he fails to hide from the Brad Twins.

Brumby notices something ahead, and pulls up sharply. Geiko doesn't see the Brad, but sees Brumby's action, and moves to follow her. When he does so, the Brads try to charm him, but somehow, giant sphere with eyeballs on tentacles and a giant slavering mouth fails to win his affections.

Brumby gives her all by turning back and attacking DarkArrow one more time instead of escaping. Her Spark of Life spell renders him temporarily human long enough for her Misasma spell to choke him into unconsciousness. As she does so, though, the Brads blast her with a near-fatal Disintegrate, and then turn her to stone and drag her away with TK! Geiko, fending off a few spells of his own, dashes back to tell the party what happened, and frantically insisting they go after her. Which, of course, they immediately do. (By "they immediately do" I mean "all of them sit there and go 'But they're far away! And scary!' as the two Brads slooooooowly float away at about 1/3 the party's speed, while the monks find more minotaur zombies and lead them right back to the party, and nobody even tries to coup-de-grace the unconscious vampire which Brumby risked her life handing to the party on a silver platter"... it's sort of the same thing)

Anyway, Geiko takes to grumbling as the party decides to take the longest slowest route through the city to the tower, including Zellyri knocking over stalls and stumbling through someone's laundry.

So they slowly head towards the tower.

To be contin... er.. wait, what? There's a dramatic cliffhanger epilogue to this episode, you say? So there is!

Brumby wakes up... still stone (and still an owl), but capable of seeing and hearing. Lucinda is holding her up by her wings, and gloating. "You've been a lot of trouble, my dea, but I don't think you will be any more." She puts Brumby on a pedastal, and continues "Your reward for your interferance will be to watch as my plans come to fruition."

Mordenkainen is there with Lucinda, looking somewhat the worse for wear. She chides him for failing her - oho, he works for her! She also sneers at the unconscious DarkArrow for being overconfident, and has the Brads take him to a back room until he recovers.

She turns back to Mordy and tells him that he's pathetic for letting our ragtag bunch defeat him. She orders him to get healed, and then back to the Gate and finish his "assignment". She commands four beholders in the room to be alert. They turn and leave in four different directions. (Big tower)

She picks up a small silver cage with a pixie in it (Tatl! So that's where you've been!), tells the enchanted Princess Peach to follow her, and then tells Tyras that she's bored and orders him to play.... some music for her. Whew.

Still not quite done yet.

After Lucinda goes away, Nicodemus shows up (dispelling at least one player's fear that he actually WAS Mordenkainer), fading into view... but not fading in all the way, looking more ethereal than usual. He peers at the statue, talking to her, though unaware that Brumby can hear him. "I didn't anticipate this, but... chin-up, I think they're coming to save you." He solidifies into his more familiar appearance, comments "Once more into the breach!", and passes through the wall.

Portentious things.

To be continued...


  2007.09.26  00.07
Game Notes, 9/19/7: Stalk Like A Vampire Day!

The next morning, everyone awakens in one piece. The spellcasters heal and restore their MP, and the party decides to head over to town to see what's up.

Gozar scouts the town. Lots of burnt buildings, overturned market carts, general mayhem... but, strangely, no bodies. No movement, either, except for a lone Brad patrolling the streets. Fortunately, he somehow didn't see Gozar, and floats right on by.

Gozar returns, and the group discusses options. (Brumby's "Evacuate the town, burn it to the ground, let nature reclaim it" isn't being taken seriously, while "wait until nightfall so the Brads will be gone, and we can handle a few undead" wars with "go in now because undead horrors out at night, and we can handle a few Brads"). As discussions drag on, the sun sinks slowly in the west (oops), and ... hey, look, minotaurs! Our old minotaur buddies!

.... with blank eyes, rotting flesh, dragging limbs, and a penchant for saying "Braaaaaaaains". They've been zombified, and it hasn't even been twenty-eight days! We decide not to hole up in the Winchester and wait for it to all blow over, and instead kill them. Oh, did I mention that DarkArrow is leading them? Yeah, he is. And there are bats.

The zombies are too far away to bother the group for a while, but DarkArrow transforms briefly into a Dire Wolf to charge over to the party, and the bats dart in from the side. A small swarm of bats pesters Brumby, trying to break her concentration, while a dire bat tries to eat Geiko.

DarkArrow turns out to be a vampire, judging by the fangs he grows as he tries to suck Zellyri's blood! Zellyri's sword is happy, as she fights back. The dire bat bites Geiko once, then fails to hit him any more, especially after Geiko drops a belated Mass Mage Armor on the group. Mr. Monk and the princess charge the zombies, while Leeroy, bereft of player again, stares blankly into space for a while. Mirrsea sings to inspire courage, then casts Protection from Vermin to repel the bats! Yay, bats!

Geiko tries to kill the dire bat, hitting it twice, but not killing it, so he gives up and Hastes the party instead Zellyri continues fighting the vampire, who decides to use his four weapon attacks instead of his single Slam attack per round. Brother Mealticket keeps Zellyri healed. Brumby fights off a minotaur zombie who broke away from the pack and decides to eat her brains.

After taking considerable damage, Dark Arrow turns into a cloud of mist, and attempts to fly away! .... this is a bad idea, since clouds of mist can move at less than one-quarter the speed that Zellyri, Brumby, and/or Geiko can. Gozar, Leeroy (waking up from his vampire-induced trance), Mr. Monk, and Wisteria take care of the rest of the zombies and the dire bat.

And as the chase is about to begin.... the session ends.

Lots of people level up.

To be continued...


  2007.09.18  23.45
Game Notes, 9/12/7: What WAS her name? Doris, Laura, Chloe, Mannie, Moe, Jack?

... no, it couldn't be Moe.

Anyway, after Mr. Dragonguy and most of the drow are dead, the party captures the last one (and grabs the still-frozen Orbis) and goes on the hunt for Mordy again. Seems he left a surprise behind, though - a Nightwalker (similar to the one the party faced long before). The party is more powerful now, but this time the undead creature's Finger of Death spell works, and Zellyri falls. Brother Magnifico hits her with a Revivify, too, while the rest of the party kills the Nightwalker before it can point again. It vanishes, confirming that it was just a summon.

On the way back to town, with Gozar scouting, the group runs into people fleeing the city. When questioned (and once they get past "hey, did that tree just talk?" and "hey, did that horse just talk?" and "hey, did that little lizard just talk?"), they begin babbling about skeletons and ghosts and "big floaty eye monsters" and an acid-spewing dragon all raging about the town, and guards shriveling to dust. Lovely.

The group points them away from the portal, and then decides to find a save place to camp, recharge spells, and await dawn. At that moment, a copper dragon (the female-who-I-forgot-to-ask-the-name-of some time past) descends and lands in front of the party. "GEIKO," she thunders, "WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU?" Geiko prepares to die once again, and Brother Meglos prepares to cast another Revify spell, just in case. Then the dragon laughs, and says "Gotcha!" Coppers. Go figure.

She says that she really could have used Geiko's help, but when Geiko tells her about Mordenkainer and the portal, she understands, and sounds very worried that Mezzabone (the Great Red Dragon what rules the Dragonazis) has finally discovered this world, after the other dragons had tried to hard to keep it from him. She says that, with Mordy's near-defeat, Lucinda is all but running the city herself.... but it will be dawn soon, and her power will wane then.

She offers the use of the front vestibule of her cave for rest and spell recharging, and gives Geiko a necklace. With this, she says, she'll be able to speak to Geiko at any time. IN HIS HEAD. He says "thank you", because he values his head, and she says they will talk later. She also flies off with the captured drow to give him the third degree.

The party makes camp, and awaits the dawn.

And I forgot to ask what the dragon's name was again.

To be continued....

Mood: tired

  2007.09.12  19.45
Game Notes, 9/5/7: Crisis On Infinite Geikos

Someone set up us the portal! Zellyri faces down Mordenkainer, demanding that he leave immediately. Mordy stops. His fingers twitch over his magic wand. "You think you can take me?", he drawls. "Go ahead on. It's your move."

Zell shrugs, charges, and begins to give him a major smackdown, with Leeroy's aid. Mordy retaliates with fireballs, failing to kill anyone (thus demonstrating that he's actually not as good a shot as Joe-Don Baker), but after a few hits, Mordy vanishes! Zellyri notices a firefly come out of a cloud of purple smoke and fly off, so she and Leeroy give chase. The not-so-serene firefly drops a large and angry giant scorpion to slow down pursuit. While quickly dispatched, it still distracts them long enough for the firefly to get away.

Meanwhile, Orbis is attempting to touch the portal in naughty naughty red-dragon-summoning ways. Brumby stops him with a handy Entangle spell (or spell-like ability, really), but things only get worse from there. Even without touching it, the portal activates, and a large half-dragon (wearing a Dragon-Nazi uniform) and several drow (dressed as Stormtroopers) step out, apparently for their meeting with Mordy. Finding no Mordy, the dragon-man instead decides to attack the members of the party who are left behind. With a flamethrower. (Two flamethrowers, if you count the one in his gullet).

Battle is joined! Brumby summons a huge earth elemental. Orbis attempts to cast Entangle-Bane, but fails. Gozar sneaks out of the shadows, and inflicts great harm (when he's not hitting Orbis, freezing him solid. Oops). The dragon-man sets the Entangle on fire with his breath! Geiko throws an orb of acid... which, unfortunately, draws aggro. The dragon-man turns around and hits Geiko with a Power Word: Kill, which does just that to the little kobold. (Mental note: next time, turn into a dragon to get more than 100 hit points to avoid the whole Death thing).

However, Brother Maynard (who keeps his original name due to some quick thinking) brings him back to life with a quick Retcon... er, I mean, Revivify (thanks, DM!), though Geiko is out of it for the rest of the fight. The elemental punches the crap out of the dragon, while Gozar stabs him in the back. As he falls, he starts to beep, and a high-pitched whine starts emanating from the body.... until he explodes, leaving no trace of a body (or loot).

With the leader down, the drow are relatively easy to dispatch, despite their plasma rifles, especially since Zellyri and Leeroy rejoin the group at this time. One is left alive to interrogate later, then people make sure that Geiko is still not dead.

Yay, retcon!

To be continued....

Mood: Yay, retcon!

  2007.08.29  02.22
Game Notes 8/22/7: Now that's a horse of a different color!

So the party continues onwards after killing the Eviscerator. Slightly further down, there's a gnome tinkering about. When the party finally confronts him, he's indignant that they're all in his mine. A mine under the ruins of Redspan. Of course, the party thinks he's crazy, and he thinks the party is crazy. Geiko thinks that he's a gnome and should therefore be cooked and eaten, but his opinion isn't given much weight.

After some more back and forth, including a What Year Is This? moment, it's revealed that the gnome (who has a name, but the notetaker couldn't figure out what the DM was saying - such is the way of Gnome names - so I'll call him Exposition Tinkermine, or Expo for short) thinks it's exactly one hundred years after the party originally tried to infiltrate Lucinda's tower and that someone named Nicodemus rules Redspan. Everyone glances at Nicodemus warily, but Expo doesn't recognize him as the ruler. He says he got into his mine through a big iron door, and shows the group a mine shaft leading straight up.

Brumby wild-shapes into an appropriate flying form and flies up the mineshaft, revealing that the gnome's story is true: the magic college (and vast parts of the city) are in ruin, the local guards are forced to adopt an embarassing (or, if you're Leeroy, exciting and honorable) pink-with-purple-polka-dots motif for their uniforms, while the real guards are Drow who stomp around in altered SS uniforms (as described a few sessions back).

While Brumby is doing that, Expo explains that the revolution failed because Lucinda and Mordenkainer combined forces to put it down, and then went on to make The Second Pact with the evil Dragon Lord (who came through the portal) and divvied up the world between them. (Every time the word "dragon" is said, imagine the party glancing suspiciously at Geiko, who is alternating between "I don't like red dragons any more than you do" and "Come on, let's just eat the gnome")

Princess Peach, meanwhile, has been frozen on her throne, and it's said when she is thawed, the Age of Darkness will end. It also appears that the party has shown up exactly one hundred years to the day after the failed revolution, since today is the Feast of Fools, the day the Dragon Lord shows up for his annual tribute.

As Brumby rejoins the group, they convince Expo to take them to "Nicodemus" (by which I mean Zellyri shouts at him until he agrees), and he does, right over Geiko's "Why don't we just try walking back the way we came?" objections. The statues of the leader around the town leads to a realization - "Nicodemus" is Orbis! The group bribes their way past the first door of the fortress that doubles as the vizier's palace (despite trying to explain that Brumby was, indeed, the witch's Dorothy), and are subjected to a pop-quiz (including the name of Orbis' now-deceased owlbear Otis) before they are allowed inside the throne room.

The halls leading there are covered with paintings of the party's adventures, only with Orbis in the role of the hero and the other party members doing little more than looking on in gratitude. Sigh. In the throne room, the Wizard of Oz jokes start flying so hard they breech the fourth wall, as Orbis appears as a giant hologram of his own head, spewing fire and smoke and demanding to know who disturbs the Great and Powerful Nicodemus.

Naturally, we look behind the curtain. (Yes, there was a curtain. Yes, Orbis was behind it, looking sheepish)

Anyway, Orbis explains that he is now in charge of the city (using the name Nicodemus because "it just sounds better"), trying to keep the citizens as happy as possible in the new Dark Age, trying to rule fairly and justly, only using convicted criminals as "tribute", and so forth. Zellyri calls him a dumbass anyway. This opinion is only intensified when it's revealed that it was he, not any of the Big Bads, who accidentally fully activated the portal (he rolled a 1 while trying to prevent Mordenkainer from activating it, and pushed the Big Red Button).

Our little group got caught up in the explosions that were supposed to only be a distraction, but instead caused the weird magic around the School to knock us through a tome portal of sorts. Orbis suggested a possible way back: a large stone that could supposedly grant wishes (though he'd never gotten it to work). The stone (which turns out to actually be a giant statue/golem/robot of some kind) reacts only to the presense of life, not to Orbis' mechanical form.

Mr. Monk steps forward to answer its riddle (the answer is, oddly enough, "Shaz" - the party half-expects Shaz himself to step out of it going "Ya hoida me?") Mr. Monk, having answered the question (well, Zellyri answered it, but the George Wishingtron thought he answered it anyway) starts to make his wishes. Wish #1 is "plz blizrd thaw frozen thron k thx", which causes an earthquake as the ground heats up with lava starting to seep through...

Wish #2 is "need tel rs plx!!1", which actually works (though it means that we can't make the third wish. It also means that our minotaur bodyguards have been left in the Palace of the Future). The party is returned to what they consider "present-day" Redspan just in time to see Mordenkainer's carpet fly overhead. Okay, forget Lucinda, time to chase down Mordenkainer!

Brumby wild-shapes and takes off after him. Most of the party takes off on foot (or hoof), while Geiko decides to use that Level 6 spell he's been saving to turn himself into a really fast copper dragon. However, the interference in the city causes the spell to backfire and turn him into a dwarf instead. He immediately develops a Scottish accent. Deprived of even his normal wings, he grudgingly hops onto the wagon. (He does, however, suddenly have a lot of hit points, thanks to -4 Str, -2 Con, +2 Dex becoming +2 Con, -2 Cha).

In the sky Brumby is trying to wear Mordenkainer down by attacking him, while Geiko sends his familiar to do the same (after Augmenting him with a spell that doesn't, thankfully, backfire). Mordenkainer hits the horses and Brumby with a Meteor Swarm, nearly killing the horses (and definitely slowing down the advance of the folks in the wagon, though a Mass Cure from Brother Mixdown does revive them before they become All Dead). Mordenkainer's looked better, too, since he's currently filled with poison quills shot by Brumby.

Geiko's miscast spell wears off, and he's returned to kobold form again, just in time to cast Haste on the entirely-on-foot party in an attempt to beat Mordenkainer to the portal...

... and there it ends.

For now.


To be continued...


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Game Notes, 8/1/7: The Return Of Ev

Okay, so it turns out not much scaling gets done. Leeroy's player forgets to show up again, so he doesn't do anything the whole time.

Zellyri starts opening those sarcophagi (turns out there's only four of them, not the "rows and rows" I wrote a couple of weeks back). She's attacked by a tiny metal snake. Mr. Monk almost, but not quite, freaks out. Zellyri easily smooshes it before it has a chance to poison her. She finds some nice magical bracers, which she gives to Brother Morpheus. (She also keeps the snake, since it appears to be made out of adamantite).

Gozar continues to search sarcophagus #1 while she opens #2, squishing another snakey construct. More stuff is found. Repeat with #3, except this time the little metal snakey goes after Mr. Monk. The note-taker laughs. Hey, I just transcribe these things.

From the fourth sarcophagus, Zellyri gets a bleeding mask that enhances her fighting prowess even more. And makes her scary! Nobody calls her "Bloodface".

Anyway, the door at the other end turns out to have been physically sealed. (As in, not magically, but with whatever passes for cement in this fantastic realm). Brumby bypasses the whole thing with a Transmute Rock To Mud spell, then the minotaurs bash through the muddy mess. They have a snowball fight with mud, and Mr. Monk gets splattered. The note-taker laughs again.

Then, from down the hall, comes a familiar sound of metal scraping against stone. It's familiar because it's an Eviscerator! The party was forced to flee from the first one, oh so many levels ago, but not this time. Like the Cadaver Collector, Zellyri and Mr. Monk hit it from the front, Gozar and Brumby's summons hit it from the back, the bard sings, and Geiko Hastes everyone.

Hey, if it works...

And work it does, but the Eviscerator's damage reduction makes the fight slow going. (The monk barely hurts it at all, and even Brumby's summoned lion struggles). Geiko considers throwing an acid ball into melee just for the sake of doing something, but the creature falls before he has to resort to that.

This time, let's look for some stairs, okay? Or an elevator.

Maybe an escalator?

Anyway, to be continued...


  2007.07.30  02.20
Game Notes 7/25/7: Wow, the notes are gonna be short this week.

So the fight rages on!

The shadows are dead, leaving just the gigantic Cadaver Collector to deal with. Still, he doesn't look like he's going to keel over any time soon...

Mr. Monk hits the big beastie! ... and does 4 damage. Total damage. Good jorb. Brumby summons a trio of leafy dire lions, as Geiko greases the floor under the monster (who fails to fall down. The jerk). The heavy-hitters are having trouble getting past all the spellcasters to even get to the monster. The bard sings, giving everyone a nice accuracy bonus.

Nicky, meanwhile, finds a secret switch on the other side of the shadow's wall, and the wall opens up like the secret door it is. Gozar slips in the room to explore and loot and pillage.

Geiko busts out a Haste (still fighting through the resistance field), and then effectively drops out of the battle, spending the rest of it backing away from the monster, while Brumby's summons appear (too late for the Haste, but not too late for Mirrsea's songs). The Collector focuses its attention on the leafy lions, one of which gets impaled on the creature's spikes, rather than the squishier spellcasters.

Finally, the centaurs make their way over to the creature and... it develops a case of Death By Karate before they can attack it. Lucky punch! Whew. A brief search for treasure finds some more moneys that they don't really need anymore.

And that's it for this week. (Sure, the battles sound short when I write them out, but all those attack rolls take time to calculate)

Next week, we continue scaling the tower.

To be continued....


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Game Notes: 7/18/7: Come, Watson, the game is afoot. And aclaw. And ahoof.

So the plans for the Great Lucinda Invasion continue. Leeroy must be summoned, so Gozar goes to get him (aided by his invisibility cloak). They try to convince the minotaurs to come with them to destroy the world... err.. kill Lucinda. The minotaurs think that "Lucinda" is Zellyri, and there is a good deal of comic misunderstanding about who is dating who, eventually leading the minotaurs to believe that Leeroy is dating his own sister. CLASSY.

The rest of the group tries to mobilize ourselves for the battle. Brother Mantenna gets together all his potions. He's got eight Cure Serious Wounds, a potion of darkvision, and some restoration potions. He also color-coded them for our convenience. What a thoughtful guy.

He also gives everyone a mirror thing that shoots beams! Mirrsea is a little dubious about them. He also said that Nicky recommended that we take some stakes... he pulls out one for each party member. We are instructed to put the pointy ends into Lucinda. Specifically the heartuncular region.

Then he gives the party some glass balls filled with holy water and some fluffy unspun wool to wrap the glass in. And with our last wills and testaments written out, we head out to face our fate. (Also, Leeroy finally gets his animal companion - except... he doesn't know what it is yet!)

We head towards the courtyard... LeeRob pokes his head around the wall and sees a bunch of guards marching around. And then, the wooden platform we're all standing on starts to splinter and break! So Rob decides to go talk with the guards... and falls through. Nice.

We all take our turns at falling or floating or flying down into the sewers. (Falling is the order of the day, mostly) That's where Leeroy finds his animal companion - a sewer rat! Turns out, this is also the secret "unguarded" way into Lucy's tower! Aren't we clever? Yessss....

We find a door and Gozar checks for traps. He finds a tripwire! It's attached to a bell which Gozar stealthily removes. We stealthily proceed in double file... as stealthily as a brigade of humanoid-like creatures (many of whom have big cloppy hooves) can, anyway.

Gozar finds another trap and disables it neatly. Then, he finds a pendulums swinging across the passageway. When he tries to disable it, a big blade swings out into the hall, barely missing him. Thank goodness he's short, because he's sure not penitent. One of the minotaurs breaks it down and almost hits Geiko with the discarded blade! THANKS GUYS. (Yay for high Reflex saves)

The passage breaks off into two directions. We go left. We come to a wall, and Nicky (who is, thankfully, no longer playing any "what, who, walk through walls, me?" games about his abilities) is asked to recon to the other side. He says that it looks like a tomb. Rows and rows of bodies in sarcophagi. Possibly dead. Possibly.

In the back, people are hearing things. Mostly the minotaurs saying that they can hear something! Sounds like footsteps. The minotaurs go to investigate... and find out that it's a BIIIIIIIG construct! A construct made of dead bodies that collects other dead bodies. Niiiiiiice. And smelly.

Meanwhile, some shadows attack the front of the line from behind the wall! No fair, coming through the wall. Stupid shadows. The centaurs and Gozar make quick work of them, but more keep coming through the wall! ♪ The shadows go ghosting two-by-two, hurrah, hurrah.... ♪

The construct uses a paralyzing stare to turn some of the minotaurs into minocicles. Brumby prepares to unleash lots of lightning (part one of a two-part combo!), and Geiko tries to cast a spell. Let's hope he remembers how it's done after all this time! There's some resistance, but he manages to cast the spell through it, surrounding the party in Mage Armor. Oh, Mage Armor, how we've missed you.

And that's where we left things, with shadows pouring through the wall on one side, a big-ass dead-guy golem getting rained on on the other, and our hapless heroes right in the middle.

The most "To be continued..." to be continued ever!


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Game Notes 7/11/7: Make your own Vampire/Slurpee joke here

Leeroy returns to his captain and makes a report about the dead guards (and absolutely nothing about any escaped prisoners). The captain is not happy, though it's more the "ohmygodohmygodohmygodi'mgonnadie" than the "you're in big trouble young man" sort of unhappy. The captain leads Leeroy to investigate.

The political prisoners are all missing (but you all knew that, having read last week's notes, right?), including the "mad" wizard. Hope that actually WAS the vizier. Leeroy comes up with a clever plan - put the dead guards' bodies in the cells, promote the guards who have already seen too much into those jobs, and pretend nothing ever happened. He celebrates with an afternoon of gambling.

Meanwhile, over in movie B, Zellyri (followed by Brumby and Geiko going "who's in the cloaks? Hello? Are we invisible?") heads to Chez Rébelleon to meet up with the other rebels. Brother Maypole is there, getting free drinks while talking all about the party's amazing exploits (which nobody believes... hopefully. If anything bites us in the ass, this will be it).

Mr. Monk is still hiding behind a flower pot. Um... yeah. Moving on...

Everyone gets down to the Rébelleon HQ, and Zellyri has her big reveal. All the rebels recognize Princess Wisteria Lodge (no relation to Veronica) and bows down. Nobody recognizes the Vizier. (.... er, this is him, isn't it?)

Zell mentions that DarkArrow was the one who took Princess Peach. The rebels tell the group a little more about the gate - and display some stuff from the other side. The objects include a pair of glasses, and a SS uniform made of kevlar... but with a stylized red dragon and the words "Mezzenbone Rex" in place of the swastika (and, thus, Godwin's Law comes into play even in the world of D&D). The firesticks (aka guns) that the city guards use also come from the other side of the portal.

We discuss some plans about how to prevent Lucy from leaving with Peach. The general consensus seems to be "kill her. Kill her now". It's mentioned that Morty and Lucy might have personal anti-anti-magic devices allowing them to operate at full power even with the dampeners going.

It's suggested a small party could infiltrate her tower and take her out quickly. Our small party volunteers (except Leeroy, who is still gambling half a city away, and Orbis, who is presumably on Infinite KP duty). Geiko agrees to go as long as they rescue the baby copper dragon next.

So it looks like next week is gonna involve some punchin' and some spellcastin'. Yeehaw!

To be continued.... not for very much longer...


  2007.07.11  18.06
Game Notes 6/27/07: Somebody call Steve McQueen. Or Juniper Lee.

So, there goes Leeroy, right into the Officer's Barracks... and the portcullis drops on his head. He catches it, though. Zellyri momentarily considers not ordering the guards to raise it.

Meanwhile, Brumby and Geiko, hot on Morty's trail, encounter... nothing. We'll get back to them later.

Mr. Monk, meanwhile, very very very VERY obviously eavesdrops on some people who want to break the prisoners out. Since he's a guard, they obviously don't want to tell him their clever plan, so he attempts to non-chalantly leave, but they follow. He tries hiding from them, by using a flowerpot that might have hidden Chip or Dale. Needless to say, it's... less than effective. The guy following calls him an idiot, and then calls for backup.

Mr. Monk tries to talk his way out of it, and, in the way of this city, winds up buying drinks for all of them. They box him in at the table so that he has to get past them to leave. A man dressed like a noble shows up and starts dropping ugly hints about people who eavesdrop. He also threatens to cut out Mr. Monk's tongue so he can't tell anyone anything he heard today.

Mr. Monk tries to introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Reichenbachfall Flowerpot, or something like that," he says. They nearly wet themselves laughing. "What kinda name is Rankin-Bass Flourbag?" He tries to get hired, but it mostly confuses them. They imply he's a prostitute. Notes are sketchy due to player laughter. He challenges them to a duel to show his worthiness, and mostly fails to die.

They tell him they're also trying to free the prisoners. They take him into a secret room and unveil a plan to make havok, involving tunnels under the city. They're going to blow up some towers, distract the guards, then get as many prisoners out as they can. Also, there's apparently some armies outside. (Again: vague notes, player laughing). Also, they have an artifact that will supposedly (and hopefully) remove the magic-dampening field around the city. Nicky slips into the room in the middle of all this, unnoticed, in that Unsent way he's so good at. Gozar does the same, thanks to his Cloak of Invisibility.

Meanwhile, Brumby and Geiko, hot on Morty's trail, encounter... nothing. We'll get back to them later.

After lots of starts and fits, he manages to tell them about Nicky and gets a message to him. He tries to send word to one of the other party members, with the bard being the closest. "Ah, if he's Rankin-Bass, you must be the Thundercat", they say, and bring her to their secret basement lair. Mr. Monk tries to give her a message in confusingly-phrased doublespeak. This fails, mainly due to nobody ICly or OOCly knowing what he's trying to say. At this point, Gozar pops into view and says "Okay, cut the crap, what's going on here? Who's the monkey?" This startles the rebellion into revealing more of their plan.

They mention DarkArrow, which turns out to be the name of the dual-crossbow-wielding Henchman Of Lucinda that Brumby has been chasing all this time. He's supposed to bring the younger princess back to Lucy after killing Wisteria, the older sister who you may remember from these notes back in October. (The younger sister's name seems to not have been recorded)

Speaking of Brumby, let's see how she and Geiko are doing on their surveillance.... nope, still nothing. We'll get back to them later.

Laster, Leeroy finds dead bodies around the jailhouse. Somebody's breaking in! He finds thin frail men - university wizards, apparently - stabbed in the back and left for dead (because they are actually dead). The trail heads for the magical cells reserved for the more important guests....

Zellyri joins Leeroy, and investigate. A girl screams! It's the younger princess! And she's being kidnapped by DarkArrow! (Therefore, the younger sister is hereby dubbed "Princess Peach"). Wisteria is pounding on the door, demanding to be released. Catching sight of Zellyri and Leeroy, she says Peach and her kidnapper went through a trap door in the floor, down a spiral staircase. While Zellyri is breaking Wisteria out (along with another prisoner, who turns out to be the original Vizier who Morty has imprisoned here), Leeroy falls down those very stairs. Typical.

Speaking of Morty, let's see whether.... nope, Brumby and Geiko are still doing nothing. We'll get back to them later.

At the bottom of the stairs, they nearly catch up to the kidnapper (who they now recognize as DarkArrow), but their way is blocked... by a beholder! The first actual encounter between the party and one of these fearsome abominations goes surprisingly well, with the creature's spells having little effect on either one (but the anti-magic giving both of them problems). They wear it down with sheer brute force.

But now there's a wall blocking their path to DarkArrow. They find another way out, leading to the street near the Magic College. Leeroy goes back to sound the alarm. (And falls back into the hole. And falls again while climbing the spiral staircase leading to the jail. Ouch ouch ouch).

Zellyri disguises Wisteria and Old Vizier under blankets, and begins to herd them back to the Red Carpet Inn.

And now, Brumby and Geiko see Zellyri with what look like two Hunchback of Notre Dame clones. They decide, having been ignored by Morty all day, to go back to the inn to see who these two mysterious figures are, since Zellyri is being even more mysterious about it.

See? I told you I'd get back to them later! Exciting, isn't it?

To be continued....

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Game Notes 6/20/7: GUARDS! GUARDS!

The third watch passes without incident, probably because we don't have three mega-villains out gunning for us. (Don't tell Dr. Doom or Darth Vader, please). In the lobby downstairs there's a guy selling polka-dotted cloaks "for gamblers". Breakfast is eaten. People around the inn are talking about the imminent festival - fireworks, dancing, booze, the works.

Morty - from the gossip - is holding interviews for his new apprentice. Something about a "Kobold Shoot" is mentioned. Geiko doesn't like the sound of either.

The party snacks and argues over ideas. Most of the ones proposed right here in last week's notes are dismissed. The one that seems to finally be agreed upon involves infiltrating the guards and then freeing what prisoners (who are, incidentally, to be hanged in two days).

The minotaurs come back to the inn and tell Leeroy and Mr. Monk that they joined the guards, so the intrepid pair go off to join. Mirrsea decides to try to get into the entertainment brigade, and Brother Mexican has the idea to set up a potion shoppe. Brumby and Geiko discuss ways to trail Morty (preferably without having to become his apprentice).

Leeroy tries to buy an officer's commission, and succeeds. The guards make Mr. Monk prove he's a bad enough dude to rescue President Ronnie. Zell likewise tries to buy an officer's commission, and Tyrox and Zell battle each other to determine which of them should get the higher rank.

And so the preparations begin...

This is getting ominous.

To be continued....


  2007.06.20  12.08
Game Notes 6/6/7 and 6/13/7: "Who is that guy??!" "Whoever he is he's weird and pissed off"

Before the notes begin, some notes-within-notes from reading notes from old sessions:

Mordenkainer had said that Tullah's sword was named Caladone (named for the Copper Dragon Caladone), not Vizio. Was he deliberately misleading the party (most likely), do we have the wrong sword, or did the DM just forget what he'd originally named the sword? (Notes 9/21/6) Does the sword actually contain a drop of Lucian's blood to keep the Agreement enforced, or was Mordy just blathering on, trying to trick the party?

Are the Beholders Lucinda's allies, using her for their own ends (notes 9/21/6) or are they actually beholden (no pun intended) to her and unable to break their end of the deal (notes 2/21/7)? Note that the former is also from Mordenkainer, so it may be him trying to further mislead the party.

The Broken Gate. Could it be in the nearby Rift Crag? With the long-sought-after Treasure of Shaz discovered literally right under the noses of the people who want it the most, why not check a place with an obvious name like "Rift Crag" for the gate? Rift Crag is known to be the location of the Ancient Secrets of Eberon (notes 7/27/6), and the gate is an artifact of Eberon (notes 2/21/7), so this is a possibility. Alternately, could the gate be related to the cavern with doors leading to the elemental planes? (Notes 12/13/6) Or do we have to go back into the Forbidden Zone to find it, since it's supposedly in the center? (Notes 9/14/6)

"Within this heartwood of ancient oak you will find the number of 6 by 10" - a staff from the Treasure bore this inscription. Is this one of the two powerful staves that Geiko now wields, or another? If it's not one of those two, what does this signify? Is it just the key to activating the staff, or is it a hint of sorts from Dragor's party, who might have once wielded it? (Notes 5/16/7)

Alternately, would this be a good time to attempt to find and free the Great Wizard who Modernkainen imprisoned in order to take over the Wizard's Council? (Notes 2/21/7).

Whatever happened to Tatl? The most recent reference to the little guy is nine months ago (Notes 9/21/6).

And whatever happened to Wilbur the Piglet? (Notes 10/11/6)

Okay, with that out of the way, onto the actual notes!

Part 1: Screw green, it's pretty darn easy being pink

Leeroy, showing off his new colors, wanders around, gambling and getting money thrown at him for being pink. Brumby gets her monk's belt. The monk does not get a monk's belt.

Outside, something threatens to happen when a big procession passes by - Lucinda's carriage, long-remembered from an encounter at the inn when all this started! Following the carriage is Brad! Hi, Brad! Look at the big anti-magic field on Braaaaad! Wherever Brad's giant eye looks, magic goes away. This is bad for people who use magic, which is ALL OF US.

After that passes, it's Mordenkainer's turn! His procession includes lots of constructs and features two cages: one with a baby copper dragon in it, the other with the two kidnapped princesses! (Just to be mean, Mordy zaps one of the princesses with a magic missile) Zell restrains Mr. Monk from charging in immediately. Leeroy says "He don't look so tough to me." Ha, ha, ha, you go on thinking that.

Thorin and Windy both report that the two processions headed for the University of Magic, where they're apparently staying. (Who's "Thorin"? Read on...)

The crossbow-wielding guy (Lucinda's bodyguard) rides down another street. Who's next? Vecna? Baba Yaga? Gargamel?

Oh, also, on the next street over, some idiot teenagers walk by... wearing pink with purple polka dots. Don't tell Leeroy, it'll go right to his head.

Part 2: It's about damn time something tried to kill us! ... wait, something is trying to kill us! AAAAAIEEEEE!

After the Parade of Evil passes, Brumby's eagle Thorin (... I completely forgot it had a name...) suddenly flips out and flies away. Brumby changes into an owl to go after it, right about the time a bunch of wraiths attack the party. Vizio tears through them.

As the party fights, Brumby notices a figure at the University of Magic, watching from a balcony. As the last wraith is killed (or re-killed), it turns around in a huff and storms back inside. It looked like a Van Helsing sort... with two crossbows. Brumby veers off to investigate. She notices the guy go into a room and kneel before a large throne-like chair on a dias. A large circular form floats past the window, suggesting this is the Brad-guarded room of Lucinda herself, near the top of the tallest tower in the university.

Meanwhile, Vizio also tries to eat Nicky. When Zell stops it, the sword tells her that Nicodemus is undead (though not evil). She shares this with the group, and Hilarity Ensues. Nicodemus says only that he's a "guardian", and refuses to be specific. I can only assume at some point the DM did actually get around to playing Final Fantasy X.

Geiko says "They're all distracted over there! Let's do something behind their backs!" The party says "You're right! Let's go to sleep!" Geiko says "...." So the group goes back to the inn, and everyone goes to bed, even renting an extra room so that there's only three to a room. The party does set up watches, because they don't trust the non-protected inn with all the Evil Overlords and Evil Overladies in town.

That's when the clockwork thing with buzzsaws for hands slices down the door to the central room (containing Geiko, Mr. Monk, and Brother Milquetoast, who sleeps through the whole thing). Mr. Monk punches the crap out of it, while Geiko shoots it with his crossbow (and, amazingly, hits). A second one shows up and is intercepted by the two centaurs (one from each of the two outer rooms).

More and more mechanical marvels show up to make us all dead. The party beats them up, then takes them to the wagon (since they're all made of precious metals). After all the constructs are gone, Geiko says "They're trying to kill us. Can we leave town now?"

Instead, the party elects to stay, and the next watch starts. This one has wraiths, once again attacking the central room. (Is it the room, is it Geiko's earring, or is it the lights on Mr. Monk's head?) Geiko actually kill-steals it with his crossbow.

After all the wraiths are gone, Geiko says "They're really trying to kill us. Can we leave town now?" Instead, the party still elects to stay, and the next watch starts....

This is the problem with staying in an inn. It gives a nice convenient address to send the assassins to.

And there's still one watch left to go.

To be continued....


  2007.06.05  22.12
Game Notes 5/30/7: Whatchoo gonna do wit' a nickel?

So the party is still in Rings and Things, buying stuff. Leeroy offends the shopkeeper (whose name, we learn, is Elnor), who chucks him up onto the ceiling (then back down to the floor) with a brief Reverse Gravity effect. Leeroy keeps right on talking, so Elnor turns him pink with purple polka dots.

He storms out of the store, and bumps into a guy who says "So, you met Elnor, huh? You got off easy. I hear he once turned a guy into a duck for insulting him." He also mentions that Leeroy might win the "Most Unusual Thing" contest that goes on every afternoon.

Then flying monkeys go by.

Meanwhile, the party is still selling stuff. Elnor checks each item vs. Merlin's Magical Measure (4th Edition), a literal bluebook. Geiko refuses to sell his staves of Abjuration and Transmutation, but he does sell a bunch of wands and, yes, scrolls, giving him enough to buy some nice Gloves of Dexterity.

The party also visits Wylend's Wild And Wonderful Weaponry, Archibald's Awesome Armory, Reggie's Regal Rocks, and Sonny's Stone Store. The party continues to reequip themselves. I only remember what I did (except for Gozar replacing his Ice Shock Daggers with a Frost Brand Sword), so that's all the detail you're getting in the area of who got what.

I so think this party would have a great chance of winning the Most Unusual Thing contest, though.

Anyway.... no experience again!

To be continued....


  2007.05.30  17.21
Game Notes 5/23/7: What happened to "great respect for the works of the Earthmother"?

So as the party is celebrating all the new swag, Geiko makes a Tyras-dancing-in-minotaur-skin joke, and... actual minotaurs burst into the room, growling "Okay, which one of youse mugs wants to kill a minotaur and dance around in his skin? I oughta murdalize youse all". Geiko fails to follow up with a tale about the crazy Satyr and how they all killed him for the sake of minotaur-kind, mainly because his player didn't think of that until right now. Instead, with a Diplomacy tag team by Leeroy and Brumby (and a follow-up black eye from Zellyri - her own form of Diplomacy), they wander out of the room without any major incident and without taking any of the Treasure of Shaz (but with the party's alcohol - that was also Zellyri's idea).

Vizio (the sword, you'll recall) starts berating Zellyri, telling her that she should have killed the minotaurs. Nicky shows up in his own strange fashion and brings a cloak of invisibility for Gozar. Rob gets into a brawl with some extremely surly dwarves (Grumpy, Grumpier, and Grumpiest) when he walks away from a dice game and his attempts to soothe their wounded egos just make them angrier. (Furthermore, his cries of "How dare you dwarves say that about minotaurs!" does not attract the group of minotaurs from earlier). Zellyri steps in and has to fight the sword to not kill them all.

They're finally able to get the dwarves to back off without killing them, right about the time the minotaurs finally show up and demand to know who was talking about them. Oy. Leeroy buys them all drinks to placate them, and eventually passes out. He wakes up with a new tattoo and is now apparently an official minotaur, part of the Long Horn clan. What will his wife say about that?

After everyone has recovered from drinking, the party goes shopping. They stop at a little magic item shoppe called "Rings and Things". Geiko's player resists the urge to look for a Ring of Hercules or the Thing Rings, though his player doesn't resist the urge to link those images here. It's staffed by a very, very, VERY old and very, very VERY sarcastic elf. He's quite snarky to Mr. Monk, who asks about every single ring in the entire store for what seems like hours. Brumby and Geiko, meanwhile, actually buy stuff.

And that's where things end.

To be continued....


  2007.05.22  23.50
Game Notes 5/16/7: If I had a million ducats...

Zellyri goes looking for goodies for the rest of the party in the Vault Of Shaz. She finds a staff that says "Within this heartwood of ancient oak you will find the number of 6 by 10", and lots and lots of other stuff. So she packs up all the stuff she can carry (which is a lot, considering her Bags of Holding), leaves Nicky in the vault (he's more interested in the books than the treasure anyway)

So most of the party is in the library, looking for books that might help them find the Treasure of Shaz. Ha, ha, ha. (Well, most of them. Brumby is reading the equivalent of a newspaper, with a notice that there will be a big feast in a week for the opening of the Wizard's Conclave. Three days of feasting, three days of celebrating, three months of clean-up)

Zellyri gathers everyone from the library, then hits the All Day Cheeken Emporium to get Brother Magneto and Gozar, followed by checking what seems like every single Blacksmith in town before finding Leeroy. She drags everyone back to the inn, negotiates with the owner to rent the entire dining hall for the night, and then... divvies up the swag! Rings of protection and two magic staves and lots of magic weapons and yay yay yay yay!

Okay, nothing much really happened, but we got treasure! Yay, treasure!

To be continued....


  2007.05.16  13.54

So there's Leeroy, in the pit fights. He gets equipped for the battle. A gnome comes along and asks for his name and title. (Which winds up being Tyrax The Inquisitive, because he just keeps asking questions about the upcoming fight). The gnome tells him that he's somehow wound up in the Giant Robots category, so he'll be up against two constructs in the first round.

He takes them on one at a time and manages to eke out a win, though he gets beaten up in the process. He's led to a room with some food and a Mermaid Fountain. He drinks so much of the fountain's healing water that he pees himself. CLASSY!

By this time, the party has heard about the pit fights (and the centaur who is fighting there), and goes to watch. Except for Brumby and Geiko, who are trying to find magical stuff and utterly failing because there are way too many choices here, and Geiko's player is distracted by reading the Magic Item Compendium and drooling.

The next fight is against more constructs with heads shaped like bells, bigger and badder than the last ones. He tries to smack one, only to find it has damage reduction, so he instead tries to wrestle it to the ground (... Lee-Ray Stantz "The Red Death" Jenkins?), and knocks it over! He also accidentally chucks a hammer into the crowd, managing to hit Mr. Monk in the head. He manages to barely win this fight (with his remaining hit points in the single digits).

After the fight, the party goes to see him, and they negotiate for his release. They end up bribing the gnome (whose name turns out to be Fondle Bobble Well Collection, aka "The Collector". Or so the notes say. Gnomes have funny names). Leeroy's share of the loot dwindles even further.

And then it's back to the Red Carpet. The party sleeps, then goes to look for information. Zellyri and Nicky wander off on a serious mission at the bank, possibly involving a big sum of money left to her by her grandmother. After proving her identity, she gets a key to the Vault Of Tulah, and therein lies a WHOLE. LOT. OF. SWAG.

.... all this time and all those people searching for the Treasure of Shaz, and nobody thought to check a bank vault. Clever.

There's an egg on a stand. Weird. There's also a box with a pair of daggers of darkness and light. (There's also a box of buttons, a bag of maps, a shallow bowl of moonstone, and a very nice double-bladed axe. Wait, were those characters even from the same universe as Dregor And His Merry Band?)

And then, there's the sword.... the beautiful elegant sword that makes her roll a will save. Zellyri picks it up... and it talks to her! It says that she has a purpose, to right the balance. It's name is Visio, and it will get a nickname as soon as I come up with something funny. It has a lot of powers, with being +4 only the start of it. Woot! Anyone else in the party gets zapped if they touch it. Boo!

Nicky is either standing around open-mouthed, or reporting this development back to Vlad Plasmius. I'm not sure which.

Searching for equally neato-keen weapons and stuff for the rest of the party is cut short by ... the end of the session.

To be continued....


  2007.05.09  12.59
Game Notes 5/2/7: I've seen fire and I've seen rain...

Midnight, not a sound from the pavement. Unless you count that rumbling noise that wakes the party up. A few minutes of looking around going "what huh where duh?" later, the building starts to shake and a bright light is shining down on them (and it's not the moonlight looking for her memory). The party says "GOING NOW!", and does. Geiko and Brumby go out the window (which has conveniently broken enough for them to get out), and everyone else goes down the stairs.

Outside, everyone can all see the bright light more clearly - it's a giant fireball falling towards the inn. Everyone keeps running (or flying, as the case may be). The fliers (that'd be Geiko and Brumby) notice a flying carpet circling overhead right about where the fireball came from. Hm.

Holy fails to stop Meteor, and it hits the Crystal Palace, reducing it to a pile of molten glass. (Look for its grand reopening as the Smoking Crater) A crowd starts gathering as the fliers rejoin the rest of our mighty heroes and mention the carpet. After reporting this to the guards (who refuse to believe it - obviously, it couldn't possibly have been a magical attack, but an unfortunate accident), they all go to the next best inn in the city (if only Avis had tried that, they wouldn't have been #2 for long), called the Red Carpet. (Hm.... that wouldn't be a red flying carpet, would it? SUSPICIOUS!)

The clerk is a gnome, so Geiko reacts much as Brumby did to the drow at the Crystal Palace. The group gets three rooms and passes the rest of the night quietly and peacefully.

In the morning, breakfast is described in such great detail that it makes several of the players hungry. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Anyway, Brumby and Geiko go to look for Magic Carpets and other assorted magical knickknacks to buy, while Zellyri and Catbard go to chat up a magic academy. At this point, our diligent notetaker gets caught up reading the Magic Item Compendium, rendering her notes less diligent than usual. They learn there is a big big big pot of money being held for the descendants of the original Council of Druids - including Dregor's party (which, in turn, includes Tullah's descendant Zellyri).

They mention Nicodemus, to which the magician shows surprise that he's still alive. (Zellyri replies that the jury is still out on that one). Zellyri and Mirrsea also learn of a hall of records and decide to try to peruse them.

Meanwhile, Brumby and Geiko find a magic carpet shop and question the salesman. They learn that (a) magic carpets, while not exactly common, are used by most of the rich citizens of the city, narrowing their search for Fireball Guy down to everyone; and (b) magic carpets cost way more than they can afford.

Finally, we turn to Leeroy, who hasn't bet anything yet, and is instead looking for a pitfight to watch and cheer at and enjoy. Not surprisingly, he finds one. However, he goes through the wrong door, and learns that the next person fighting is ... him.


Buzz, Ty, and Kato are laughing at you right now, you know.

To be continued...


  2007.05.02  08.55
Game Notes 4/25/7: You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em...

Shopping! Leeroy buys clothes to replace the ones that mysteriously disappeared the night before, and "money is no object". Shirt, doublet, and belt, all "fine quality". The party takes one look at him and decides it's a little too fine - he looks like a pantsless musketeer. He trades in some of the fancier stuff for more shirts (and a buckle for his belt). Geiko struggles to not buy a silk cape with a dragon embroidered on it, but is saved by the fact he's already wearing a cape.

The group passes by an antique shop, and stops in to sell some of their more random treasures, like that big picture of Lucius they picked up somewhere or other, as well as those tea sets and other assorted knick-knacks. Leeroy, wandering around the shop, finds a pair of dice that were once owned by "Lucky" von Holstein, the notorious gambler. Despite warnings of a curse that will make the dice fail at the worst possible moment, he's literally entranced (again: cursed dice) and runs out to withdraw enough money to buy them, and buy them he does, croaking "... my precious..." all the while.

Everyone rolls their eyes and goes "Well, that's his share".

Meanwhile, Zellyri is dragging stuff inside and selling it, and a lot of haggling commences. Leeroy is outside playing anyone and everyone in dice games (making no money - his winning streaks enabled by the dice are offset by deliberately losing in order not to piss people off) while the group looks for a jeweler. More haggling commences.

This takes a while.

Leeroy wanders over to Bugman's Brüery and immediately starts (surprisde!) gambling to pay for the beer, unable to resist the lure of the cursed dice. He wins a glass of XXXXX Booze (yes, that's actually its name) and is immediately smashed. (He's been failing a lot of saving throws tonight). After another roll of the dice, he inadvertantly agrees to buy a round for everyone - and I do mean everyone, with people pushing their way through the door - to the tune of 600 gold. He swears off drinking. Again. Let's see how long that lasts.

Haggling continues. The group gets a crapload of gold, which is deposited in the bank. Really, everyone else isn't doing much other than selling stuff. So... back to Leeroy!

Later, Leeroy visits the guards for - you guessed it! - more gambling. Orbis tries to stop him, but to no avail. He wins a lot. They send out for some of Bugman's XXXXX. The guards get drunk and angry as Leeroy continues to win, even though he tries to lose on purpose. They notice he wins whenever he uses his "lucky" dice and make him use a pair of dice made out of black pearl.... and he gets snake eyes.

He rolls those dice six more times and gets snake eyes four of those times. He complains and takes other (non-magical) dice, and wins again. The guards are even less happy than before. He gives them all of their winnings back ("forgiving" them for making him use the weighted dice, since he just knows that upstanding guards would never used fixed dice... all the while oblivious to the fact that his own dice are also "fixed"). The guards mutter "Well, he did pay for the beer..." and wind up not killing or arresting him, and Leeroy is on his way.

Everyone goes to bed. Leeroy gets a room at the Crystal Palace instead of another night at Robbery Central.

The plans for the next day are to actually buy stuff instead of just selling.

To be continued...


  2007.04.25  19.02
Game Notes 4/11/7: And if I'm caught at all, then catch me in dead, Red... span

So the party starts towards the wagon, and Leeroy falls down the hill. You'd think, with all those legs, that he'd be able to stay upright, but apparently not.

Two men show up. One on a horse, one on a flying carpet. They look like rejects from 1001 Arabian Nights. "Bow to the Vizier", the horseback'd one demands. Geiko wants to know what a Brassiere is and why he should bow to one, and gets a dagger thrown at him for his impudence. His mood immediately improves, since the Vizier saw fit to give him a "gift". (And it's a pretty nice dagger, too).

Orbis doesn't like the demand at all, and openly defies the command. He gets a fireball in his face for his trouble. He still keeps insisting that he'll respect the Vizier when he gets some respect back. The Vizier (who is the guy who runs Redspan) tells the party that, because of Orbis' disrespect, the entry tax for the city is increased 100-fold, which is out of the party's reach. The party (or Zellyri, mostly, who turns out to have a diplomatic streak in her) talks him down to 48 hours of servitude from Orbis, starting 24 hours after they reach the city. So satisfied, the Vizier and his bodyguard ride off.

Six hours later, our heroes finally reach Redspan. Everyone is doing a big dance number about the color red. The guards are expecting the group, and give out some little medallions to wear in the city, with emblems representing the Unity of Magic. (Geiko recognized the individual elements, but misinterpreted the overall symbol as a threat - "We'll watch you with Divination, and if you do something wrong, blow you up with Evocation")

The guards explain in great detail about the zones (among those listed: yellow = lodging, blue = money changers, red = common market, purple = arcane) and curfews (government and private sectors have curfews, banking areas close at midnight), and explain to avoid the magic university (due to frequent magical mishaps by inexperienced wizarding students). They also announce that there's a mage convention next week, and Lucinda and Mordy will both be there.

The group wanders over to the biggest most opulent bank in town, where Mr. Drysdale (right out of Beverly Hillbillies) explains all the rules for bank accounting. We open an account, get some spending money and some traveller's checks, and head out to see the city. By "the city" I of course mean "the bars", visiting one the guards recommended called the Witches' Brüe.

Leeroy finds a high-stakes dice game and wins a bit. Gozar is trying to eat all the chicken in the city. Zellyri tries to get drunk, but her high Constitution score works against her here. The catbard gets stoned after one drink, as does Gozar. More chicken for everyone!

Leeroy stops gambling, and drinks for a while, then moves over to cards. Uptown's got its hustlers, the Bowry's got its bums, the ol' Witches' Brüe has Big Jim Walker, he's a card-playin' son-of-a-gun. Leeroy plays him in Tiamat Twister and loses money over and over again.

Orbis tries to get his weapons souped up before he's drafted into the Vizier's service.

Most of the party gets rooms at the nearby (and also recommended) Crystal Palace, which is really pretty and shiny and magically-protected. It's like a big glass dollhouse with transparent walls, but the rooms still offer privacy - once you go into a room, nobody can see you through the walls, even though they can see into the room. Brumby is a bit creeped out by that, as well as by the drow running the check-in counter. Ever see a tree growl?

Leeroy drinks too much and collapses upstairs at the Witches' Brüe. He wakes up stark naked and with all his weapons, items, and money missing. He gets a temporary shirt (centaurs don't worry too much about pants anyway), and stomps off to get more money from the bank, a new medallion, and new arms and armor. He rants about Jim, but the guards just shrug (after smirking "you fell asleep at the Witches' Brüe, huh?"), since there is zero evidence that Jim did anything.

Gozar and Mirrsea just wake up with hangovers.

To be continued....


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